[Arm-netbook] OT: The U.S. Needs to Stop Lecturing the Rest of the World About Internet Values

Alexander Ross maillist_arm-netbook at aross.me
Mon Nov 28 01:27:00 GMT 2016

off topic:

I’m finding this insightful as to why luke was treated the way he was by
a number of allwinner :( people:


bit in particular i just read:

Just as one man’s freedom fighter is another man’s terrorist, one
country’s “soft power” is another’s weaponized values and existential
threat. Because Americans see their values and interests as essentially
benign, they completely miss how those abroad interpret what seem like
harmless acts. (The Chinese and the Russians read Soft Power: The Means
to Success in World Politics, too, and they’re on to you.) Furthermore,
much of the Chinese and Russian political class believe the West’s
insistence on democracy and human rights is not merely distasteful and
unnecessary, but a concerted way to weaken and destabilize them. As it
is, Chinese Communist Party cadres are instructed by party bosses to be
vigilant against “American efforts to overthrow the communist system
through ‘peaceful evolution’—that is, the spread of Western ideas and
culture.” Now imagine what the turbo-freedom of America’s global
internet looks like to them.

Actually, you don’t have to imagine it. In 2011, two years after
President Obama’s town hall meeting with future Chinese leaders in
Shanghai, the state-run newspaper China People’s Daily editorialized
about the United States’ deployment of shadow networks in authoritarian
countries: “The US State Department has carefully framed its support of
such projects as promoting free speech and human rights, but it is clear
that the policy is aimed at destabilizing national governments.” It
called Tor—software that helps people mask their location—“a weapon in a
covert cyber war intended to maintain the US’ global dominance.”

LOL teaching to population that the tool that helps them is in fact the
enemy, classic. the us funded tor cus a sub department needed such a
tool too. while other departments hate it :)

...but yes the powers that be speak BS about freedom,etc when they them
selfs are promoting the surveillance - the never forget state. it will
be logged, it will be jugged. the citizens will be given a treat level
to the state and status quo rating. or some other named way of

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