[Arm-netbook] Other crowdfunding rewards

Paul Boddie paul at boddie.org.uk
Fri Jul 1 17:08:22 BST 2016

Sorry to keep sending suggestions during a very busy time! ;-)

I noticed that one of the Trisquel list members made a suggestion about 
crowdfunding rewards:


Although I intend to support this campaign because I actually want the 
products myself, there will be people who just want to support it in its own 
right. I had a conversation yesterday about this, in fact, after having seen 
another Crowd Supply campaign add some extra rewards:


(That's an interesting campaign all by itself, by the way.)

Giving people the chance to say that they like the idea, to give more than $5 
- yes I see that you can give multiples of $5 - and to maybe get more than a 
"thank you" but less than any of the main rewards, might broaden the base of 

Random merchandise might not be completely compatible with the ecological 
objectives of the campaign, at least if not done right. Then again, people do 
need to wear clothes, drink beverages out of containers, and so on. ;-)


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