[Arm-netbook] RGB/TTL interface

Christopher Havel laserhawk64 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 28 17:06:27 BST 2016

Almost all. I can't really help with that -- there should be some sort of
controller or interface chip/circuit there, but that's all I know. I've not
learned much of that sort of stuff yet.

I will say that I once had a TTL LCD panel, 9in diagonal IIRC -- but it was
very strange in a number of other respects in addition to protocol. I'd
gotten it from eBay, and it arrived a bare LCD -- by which I mean that it
was *just* the panel and control circuitry. You could see right through it
-- I was to provide my own backing for it, and backlight as well! Plus the
connector was an odd number of pins -- no key pin, longer on one side than
the other. Weird, weird surface mount thing. Not having any use for it, I
recycled the panel and wrote off the (fortunately fairly minimal) expense.

'Twas a Sharp panel, as I recall. I may still have the datasheet -- I'm
making some adjustments after installing Linux Mint right now on the
machine that would have that document. I'll look when it's done... should
be a half hour or so. Who knows? Maybe it comes with backing and backlight
now... if not, it's still possibly useful if you throw it on an overhead
projector (remember those? :D ) -- I've seen that exact use case in school,
years ago... it's doable. I don't know if it screws with the panel,
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