[Arm-netbook] Will EOMA68-A20 be sweatshop-free?

Sam Pablo Kuper sampablokuper at posteo.net
Sat Aug 27 01:45:30 BST 2016

Let me start by saying I realise that Luke (& undoubtedly others) have
already put a *lot* of sweat into EOMA-68, and will likely be working
some very long hours in the months ahead.

I also realise that even with the tremendous success of the first
CrowdSupply round, the volume of production is minuscule compared to
Apple, Acer, Dell, etc, and hence also the risk of exploiting contracted
workers will be lower - even if only because fewer workers will be
assembling EOMA68 hardware.

Nevertheless, low resource use; reusability; repairability; RYF
compliance... these are necessary properties of an ethical computer, but
not quite sufficient ones. Avoiding slavery, indentured labour, etc, and
ensuring electronics supply chain workers are able to live decent lives,
is surely an equally important part of building ethical computers.

With that in mind, are there any plans for Rhombus Tech or other EOMA-68
producers/partners to work with organisations such as these?





I suppose that the ideal thing would be for some sort of ethical
sourcing requirement to be written into the EOMA-68 standard ;)

- spk

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