[Arm-netbook] Open sourced A13 Kicad design mail server

joem joem at martindale-electric.co.uk
Mon Sep 21 08:01:08 BST 2015

Open sourced A13 Kicad design mail server


Found them on kickstarter:

Seems these guys have done some real hard work.
As well release their design on KiCAD, they also made a distro that runs
on A13 which has a modified mail server that accepts mail replies
and posts it at secure https links to standard email addresses which
don't offer security built in.

The KiCAD designs are missing some libs due to the way the paths
have been hard coded into the project files. I'm sure they will get
around to repairing it. Its a more powerful design than a raspberry pi,
but many times smaller.

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