[Arm-netbook] How much to design A20 board?

joem joem at martindale-electric.co.uk
Thu Sep 10 09:19:30 BST 2015

> Mozilla has a trademark policy designed to deal with abusers.
> Debian has a policy that requires any license to _not_ be exclusive to
> Debian, because that would cause trouble downstream.
> These two things are both reasonable, but sadly incompatible.

For what it may be worth, my ultimate aim is to get the thing built,
and redo it in KiCAD and eventually build it and release
it under GPL with full documentation as I'm paying for it.
The aim is to have a GPL'd base design out there and watch all those
GPL'd derivatives being built to harness it for more projects.

The two or three dollar differences between boards doesn't
go towards much in the way of profit today if anyone cares to look into
it. So a fully GPL'd kicad design that anyone can customize
won't be harming anyone with a head screwed on.

Its what you customise these boards into that matters.
For example PCDuino is a wild success because although its
a cubieboard equivalent, it has arduino compatibility
and is sold as an Arduino on steroids which it is :)

There are a lot more projects like that
waiting to happen me thinks.

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