[Arm-netbook] The A64-OLinuXino laptop idea

joem joem at martindale-electric.co.uk
Wed Nov 11 09:30:07 GMT 2015

On Fri, 2015-11-06 at 18:03 +0100, Paul Boddie wrote:
> Hello,
> I see that Luke's friends/rivals at Olimex are considering the idea of a 
> laptop based on their "64-bit" development board:

More on it at

KiCAD design of the schematic is available along with

Reading the datasheet, the device is capable of addressing 3GB RAM,
though I am not sure any performance improvements are gained because
the L1 cache is only 32k :(

With 64 bit words to chew, the cache is only about 4K words.
Down from the 8K words in a 32 bit ARM  :( :( :(

Still, the graphics ought to be quicker with the hardware present
in the chip and ability to move data in larger chunks.

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