[Arm-netbook] The future of EOMA-68

Paul Boddie paul at boddie.org.uk
Sat May 2 10:44:16 BST 2015

On Saturday 2. May 2015 09.51.11 gacuest at gmail.com wrote:
> I have seen that are developing several EOMA-68, but all have very little
> power or are old (like A20, JZ4775 or IC1T). This makes that many people
> that are looking for powerful hardware is left out of the EOMA-68 market.

I personally regard low power consumption as a good thing, and I guess the 
reason for focusing on that is the original intention to use EOMA-68 in, well, 
an "ARM netbook". ;-)

As for things being old, I suppose the A20 is "old" if you regard anything 
that isn't the manufacturer's current generation of products as old. Then 
again, maybe I don't care as much as you about this: my desktop computer is 
ten years old, and running GNU/Linux means that I've not been forced to 
upgrade to bail out various large corporations repeatedly over that period.

> What is the future of EOMA-68? Any EOMA-68 with a powerful hardware (like
> Tegra X1 or Intel Bay-Trail)?

Another consideration is openness. Are either of these technologies 
sufficiently open? Nvidia have traditionally had a bad reputation for this, 
perhaps only courting openness when they've struggled to attract customers, as 
I remember being the case with their SoCs: I think the summary was that they 
promised a lot and delivered comparatively little, and the customers all 
switched their future designs to other SoCs in disgust.


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