[Arm-netbook] Any progress?

Paul Boddie paul at boddie.org.uk
Mon Jun 29 16:06:20 BST 2015

Luke, others,

Has there been any recent progress on the crowd-funding campaign or on other 
things? I know there's been a little off-list correspondence about Gratipay, 
which is peripheral to everything else, but for the benefit of anyone 
following the list (either as a subscriber or reading the archives) an update 
might be informative.

From what I've seen from following other lists, there's progress on Linux 
device tree support for various Ingenic JZ-series SoCs, which might have a 
beneficial impact on any jz4755 card that is produced. My own experiments with 
the jz4720/30/40 have stalled somewhat for the time being, but I'll get back 
to them at some point, I imagine.


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