[Arm-netbook] Vero Apparatus: Another Arm Laptop Project

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at lkcl.net
Thu Aug 13 15:06:19 BST 2015

i looked up a review of the speed of the latest class 10 micro-sd cards:


some of these are 128gbyte micro-sd cards.  random and arbitrary as it
is, some of these micro-sd cards are doing 85 megabytes per second
read speed, and 54mbytes/sec write speed.

not even intel's 120gbyte "enterprise" SATA SSD from a couple of years
ago could match that kind of read or write speed.

on slashdot we've already seen announcements - just last week - that
NAND is already being retired, and that the top solid-state companies
will be doing enormous SD cards using the new 3D flash storage (istrc
one was planning a 512gbyte card).

so i really, really question the strict need for SATA ports, these
days.  in the embedded world, eMMC is really taking off.  even the
lowly $2 QFP IC3128 has support for eMMC.


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