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2015-08-06 16:07 GMT+02:00 Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton <lkcl at lkcl.net>:

> several people have left this mailing list, or have become lurkers, or
> are no longer actively supporting the project, yet i am absolutely
> committed to it despite that.

Hi Luke, Sorry to be such a lurker. But I applaud you for being so
persistent. And i'm really looking forward to seeing the results of that
persistence. I understand that building a prototype is relatively ease
compared to getting something producible.

We've become so accustomed to new products on a less than annual pace that
we fail to see that a new product starts at least 5 years before
production. Which means that at least 4 new products are in the process of
being created when something new comes out. And thats for company with deep

So for now I'm only able support you mentally.

> if you would like to know why that is, this is the reason:
> http://www.theautomaticearth.com/2015/08/deflation-debt-and-gravity/

Since we're going there...

I'm and IT Consultant by trade (SAP Basis), And I sometimes say to have on
of most useless jobs there are. Don't get me wrong; I like the work and
people are generally happy with the results I produce. But basically I
press buttons all day.

A handful of farmers produce enough food for the larger part of the people
to do these "unproductive" types of jobs. Which strikes me as odd every now
and then. I Know that these jobs as well as mine are a result of 'organic'
evolution of competition.

But I does look that we've constructed a babel tower, full of virtual
columns (finacial system), That's slowly beginning to collapse.

I just try to remember that there is no 'prefect' system to accommodate us.
Communism seems to come close. But our ow human nature doesn't allow it.
It's susceptible to corruption and inequality. And the basic fact that
there is no incentive left to 'do' things or do them better and loss of
choice. Democracy, Autocracy, Dictatorship. Other, same or bigger issues. I
still think democracy is the best option. But it does imply getting
involved, all of us.

Usually then I confuse people with the notion that materials are free. Why?
There in/on the ground. You're paying the people getting them.

So paying 66%, which you get to quite easily here in the NL, on taxes
actually means that you have two people working for you or on your money
hired by your government. Sounds like Communism doesn't it? And ten you go
out and pay some more for the products/materials you actually need.


> l.
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