[Arm-netbook] Completely Different Markets - Dev Boards Or Improvise Boards

Alexander Stephen Thomas Ross maillist_arm-netbook at aross.me
Mon Jul 7 18:49:45 BST 2014

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eoma-* is not a dev board. you can _make_ dev boards from eoma-*.
devboards like hummingboard is only, is just for you diy robot.
eoma-68/cf is for your work & play & make. for most of your computing
needs in a human life. completely different markets.

however eoma-* with a devboard or to call it a name that nudges towards
a slightly~ different way of thinking: a improvising board, something
that enables you to create, something for which a nice shiny device
doesn't exist as well a computer for you robot, fireworks controller, etc.

a improvising board enables you to easily create, a dev board enables
you to do x+y=z urrggh unless your a techy who likes getting into those
details or the manage the maintenance job of maintaining software,
waiting for a board of the right size,specs,soc when you want to upgrade
it (for example your project is a diy handheld pocket computer) what a
pain that all is, does not enable me to create a diy handheld pocket
comptuer, enables/forces me to be a deep developer - I don't want that
additional work.

so the mini desktop board is perhaps a improvise board, it's not a shiny
device in it's self but it enables you to improvise and turn you tv into
a media center, just stick it on the back of your tv. It doesn't have
gpio but then this not for you robot. it has vga instead of lcd for
flips sake. use a different improvise board that is more suitable for
enabling you to create your robot. notice your using the same platform
for a media center and a robot. these completely different groups err
can benefit from each other, improvements made by the people who are
more technical go back into the same platform.

for the first time with eoma-* it's economically viable to groups to
produce a improvise board dedicated to a robot, tv media center,
quardchopter, etc. this reduces the barrier to entry - the time it
takes, the skills needed to make it and I guess help reduce the cost of
making these things if in bigger enough numbers. also why are you
building these things? is it because it cheeper then buying
pre-built/existing product? well you love a improvise quardchopter
eoma-* board as all you have to do is connect the motors via a plug and
socket, the usb wifi dongle, cheep 3rd hand usb webcam and strap it to
the (3d printed) frame - done, that was easy :D

image a load of these improvise kits or prebuilt things if the cost
works out or then again why buy a per-built quardchopter (which would be
more bulky than a non-prebuilt thing and so more expensive shipping)
when you can print the parts and buy the electronics goodie bag and put
it together and fly it within a day?!
anyway imagine a occupy moment-like protest. people arrive with there 3d
printers or pre printed parts and a hole crowed of newbies put a army
of quardchopters together and put them to work documenting, vidioing the
protest, providing internet via wifi (?) to every one. these newbies
easily control it with there smartphonething thanks to the floss
software thx to fantastic people who wrote it. btw the software on the
eoma-* card was just "sudo apt-get install quardchopter" (you can
install the quardchopter package using a gui package manger on you
tablet then you swap the card into the quardchopter !) how easy and cool
is that! wow :D :D

eoma-* enables you to live, work, play, create & do, oh btw using the
same platform. this was a example of create.
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