[Arm-netbook] Which Name/Project/Company Do I Use To Promote?

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Sun Feb 23 03:07:58 GMT 2014

On 19/02/14 04:47, Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:
> On Wed, Feb 19, 2014 at 4:17 AM, Alexander Stephen Thomas Ross
> <maillist_arm-netbook at aross.me> wrote:
>> On 06/02/14 12:09, Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:
>>> On Thu, Feb 6, 2014 at 3:09 AM, Alexander Stephen Thomas Ross
>>>> or is the tree something like?:
>>>> |-EMOA68
>>>> |-QiMod Ltd.
>>>> |---Rhombus-tech
>>>> |-Make Play Live
>> To confirm. QiMod is part of the team that is responsible for and made
>> the EMOA86 standard? So do I just promote QiMod or do I promote QiMod &
>> EMOA86?
>  EOMA68 and QiMod.
>>> please don't mention competing products.
>> with pleasure.
>>>  .net not .org.  and include the link to http://www.qimod.com
>> guilty of getting extra lazy by then.
>> I'm working on a draft that I'll post soon~ish. I'm stuck on "Why". So
>> why as in why why not how,what but why sort of why :) are you doing this?
>  that's a long story that has answers on several levels, so it depends
> on the audience as to what the answer is.  why am *i* doing this - and
> this is not an answer that's for public "consumption" if you will - is
> to make money as a stepping stone to other projects that i need to get
> done.  rather large projects that also involve simplification or
> advancement of technolgy.  one of those involves a modernisation of
> the bourke engine, which has a 30% reduction in materials for the same
> engine power output, or a 30% fuel efficiency increase.  others
> include research into accelerating the search for room-temperature
> flexible superconductors and so on.
> this one is about simplification of computer technology and making it
> more accessible to factories.  it also is a design that, should there
> be any serious world-wide problems with export/imports due to
> hyperinflation of currencies against the chinese RMB, would mean that
> a single shipping container of 5mm x 85mm x 55mm CPU Cards could
> supply a year's worth of mass-volume computing power to any small
> country, where that country could then locally manufacture much
> simpler PCBs and casework *locally*.  so it's a way to keep *two*
> countries stable, because if computing (or cars) suddenly get 10 to
> 50x more expensive due to hyperinflation, that not only buggers things
> up for the countries that suddenly can't afford parts or products, but
> it buggers things up for china as a major exporter as well.  it's good
> for china's government to keep people occupied, if you know what i
> mean.
> along the way i will also fulfil the current goal in an ethical way
> that respects software freedom, which happens also to be important
> from a business perspective because shipping product with illegal
> copyright-violating software tends to result in lawsuits, and product
> being impounded and destroyed when imported.
>  but if you start talking about that to potential customers about that
> they will just go "wtf???" because this is the answer to "why am *i*
> doing this", not "why would anyone be interested in it", ok?
> so it is *not* an answer to the question "why should i buy anything
> from this product range" nor "why should i invest in this product
> range" and it would not be appropriate to mention anything of the
> above should anyone ask about the project, ok?
> so, could i ask you: what is the target audience to whom you would
> like to speak, and what question are you anticipating that they ask,
> so that we can give them an answer which encourages them to buy.

These sorts of questions are always a struggle for me too answer.

friends, people I've meet, free software people on free software related
mailing lists like Trisquel.

I wanted to have texts/versions/paragraphs/etc that I cut to what I
think will be the most effective for the audience.

I have also been thinking about how it seams that people aren't working
out what this means for them, hasn't/isn't "clicking" with them. So I've
been wanting to have a why that err makes senses, one that they fall in
love with.
This is what I am thinking about, when thinking about "why":
http://youtube.com/watch?v=pI0cJdOzUcQ (yes bapple propaganda but...)

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