[Arm-netbook] 7inch Tablet Layout suggestion

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Tue Feb 18 14:07:13 GMT 2014


Just put some thoughts to paper.


Just a mock-up, nothing thoroughly engineered

1. Make the battery exchangeable.
2. Reuse cheap cellphone batteries (mass produced) in adapter sleeves.
2. Make the network interface exchangeable.
3. Make adapter sleeves for the most common cellphone batteries.

Some benefits:
- Batteries have differing lifespans than screens/cpu's/network systems.
- Battery technology evolves rapidly.
- Every new cellphone has a different battery format. Cheap sleeves can be
made to accommodate the cheapest available battery.
- Wireless/Wired network technologies are abundand and evolve rapidly.
- The wifi dongle can be exchanged with a wired variant
- The wifi dongle can be exchanged with an new network technology bg/n/ac
5ghz channels etc
- The wifi dongle can be exchanged with an roaming network service, 2G,
2.5G, 3G, 4G.
- The wifi dongle does not need to be pre bundeled. User can choose
his/hers own
- The wifi dongle can be exchanged with a usb camera low or highend

The bottom USB slots can be used as a connector for charging stations,
docking stations, keyboard docks, dual screen, etc.

P.S. It's been awfully quite around here.....

Kr, Mike
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