[Arm-netbook] Which Name/Project/Company Do I Use To Promote?

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at lkcl.net
Thu Feb 6 12:09:33 GMT 2014

On Thu, Feb 6, 2014 at 3:09 AM, Alexander Stephen Thomas Ross
<maillist_arm-netbook at aross.me> wrote:
> On 05/02/14 22:42, Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:
>> QiMod Ltd.
> Oh right.
> so is this the tree?:
> |-QiMod Ltd.
> |---Rhombus-tech
> |-----EMOA68
> |-Make Play Live
> or is the tree something like?:
> |-EMOA68
> |-QiMod Ltd.
> |---Rhombus-tech
> |-Make Play Live


 |-QiMod Ltd.

 makeplaylive is a client.  that is the only association.

> so when promoting improv I say something like "in partnership with
> QiMod, Make Play Live have an attractive, nice and compact dev board
> shipped with the first QiMod Computer Card."

 something like that yeah.

> When promoting the computer card I have been using rhombus-tech. I'll
> start using QiMod from now on for the computer card. right?

 yes please.

> for example:
> "
> Rhombus-tech of QiMod made a new computer form factor of a computer
> card, does the same jobs as a PC,Laptop,Tablet,etc, It's the practical
> positive answer to multiple current issues

 just QiMod Ltd.

> Why:

  "all QiMod products are long-term upgradeable, giving a lower
overall cost of ownership and environmental savings"

 honestly i'd leave it at that... except the educational bit... see later on...

> *Environment(waste and so climate change, We can't keep going at the
> current rate.)

 be positive.  message is in the sentence above.

> *spreading good will to users and developers of software that you'll use
> tomorrow.

 ... not the main message.  true, but not the main message.

> *badwill spreading, monopoly, up-too-no-good com's/corporations.

 don't include that.  be positive.

> *The constant upgrade UPGrade UPGRADE!!!! tredmill and the unnecessary
> waste it produces.

 treadmill not tredmil.  better to be positive.  included in the
summary sentence above.

> *cheep in the long-run (after first "upgrade" you've saved money and on
> e-waste!)

 cheep is for birdies.  cheap is the word you're looking for :)
again, incuded in the summary sentence above.

> *the students affordable portable computer and education tool and then
> uni project. (in other words alternative too RPi)

 "alternative to" not "alternative too" - and please don't mention
competing products.

 so something like this implicitly covers the users/developers aspect
as well as the educational one:

 "QiMod Portable Computing Modules bring the benefits of mass-volume
pricing to open educational communities."

 so to _answer_ the question "why should you buy QiMod-designed
products"?  because they're affordable, compact, reuseable long-term
investments masquerading as consumer appliances.

> How:
> A thin card,

 replace with "Credit-card sized"

> it's a bit smaller than your hand. The computer is the
> card. you pop the card into the device whether its a
> tablet,laptop,deskbox,server,robot, you name, it a techy out there made
> it. Future proof, you upgrade the computer card to make it faster not
> the hole device!

future-proof, you upgrade the computer card, not the whole device, to
make it faster.

>...and so it's lot less wasteful,


> it also won't need a
> fan to dump excess heat


> unlike typical laptops. The project will only

 you have two uses of the word "only" in quick succession.  drop this one.

> design computer cards that only uses chips,soc's,cpu's from bizs


> that
> respect the free as in your freedom software.

 just "that respect software freedom"

> Though

 i think you mean "through"

> this form factor
> existing problems with being able to have plug and play software on
> hardware of this type.

 this sentence is very unclear.

> and yet the products are in reach of being cheep
> as we like it.

 cheap not "cheep cheep, cute birdie" :)

> .......and yet all we have to do to put our money where our mouth is and
> buy the first dam product! preoder for shipping when everybody who said
> there are interested gets around to clicking the dam buy button.... :)

 damn not dam :)

> The soon this ship getting moving the sooner the project reachs the sky
> cus all profits goes into new products/the community not into
> share-holders pockets!

 reaches not reachs.  full stop after sky, drop the word "cus".

> Begin the product cyclic and that future you prefer begins.... yay!
> or in other words... Buy today :P hip hip hu-ray :D


> In partnership with QiMod, Make Play Live have an attractive, nice and

 drop the "nice and"

> compact dev board shipped with the first QiMod Computer Card.

 shipped with the first QoMid Computer Card in the series, the EOMA68-A20

> 7" tablet going to follow after.

 make that "7in tablet and other products to follow"

> Thou may get the improv now https://makeplaylive.com
> http://rhombus-tech.org

 .net not .org.  and include the link to http://www.qimod.com

> "
> that ended up being a big example :).

 yeah :)

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