[Arm-netbook] Another ARM new baby on the market

Erix erixbzh at gmail.com
Thu Apr 24 07:02:01 BST 2014


for the 2 URL I gave earlier
it looks like they point to the same product.

for buying it, there are plenty of vendors:

Thanks to Peter Green about his comment about Raspberry Pi's image:
You certainly aren't going to run an unmodified raspberry Pi image on
the thing. It's a completely different SoC and will need a different
kernel and bootloader.

It's clearly what I thought, but their synthaxes on their websites is
not clear and maintains the ambiguity. Thanks to Peter.

I saw somewhere on one of the 2 websites it's an Opensource project and they
will "publish" sources for the images (SDCARDs) soon.. we'll see.
The things that could be interessting it's examples of using the cameras
port and the LVDS port and of course bootloader.

so well, "nice.."  website but not too much tecnical informations yet..

Bye bye for now
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