[Arm-netbook] 10in tablet and dock

Dr. David Alan Gilbert dave at treblig.org
Sat Jul 13 13:21:00 BST 2013

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> On Sat, Jul 13, 2013 at 12:12 PM, Dr. David Alan Gilbert
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> > I'd agree (especially for a 10"); are 1920x1080's that
> > much more?
>  not sure, but at that kind of pixel density with the smaller holes,
> where the yields are going to be lower (so they have to smash and
> recycle the glass again and again), i'd put a finger-in-air guess at
> say... $60 to $80 rather than $32 to $35.  so i'd expect them to be at
> least double the price.
>  mind you if there's a company out there that's solved the yield
> problems of pushing liquid crystal under enormous pressure from the
> outside edge into all 1080 of those tiny holes, then the pricing will
> be better.

Hmm looking on panelook, the higher res ones are rare; no 1920x1080
with touchpad and LVDS,

There appear to be people advertising that as replacments for laptops
for $54.

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