[Arm-netbook] EOMA-68 Micro Engineering Board PCBs (was: eoma-68 micro engineering boards: anyone need one?

Quantum jose.laica at gmail.com
Wed Jul 10 20:11:43 BST 2013

greetings to all
I would like to have me do get one pcb
that price has

2013/7/9 luke.leighton <luke.leighton at gmail.com>

> On Tue, Jul 9, 2013 at 8:03 PM, Derek LaHousse <dlahouss at mtu.edu> wrote:
> >
> >
> > And it's $13.50 in large quantities.  So... maybe a bit too much.
>  awww, darn.  it also needs DDR2 RAM (for storing the graphics data
> received over the USB bus).  in other words it's very similar to what
> DisplayLink have, although i don't know the details (PCB layout etc)
> of how DisplayLink do their stuff i.e. i don't know if they have
> on-board RAM on their ICs.
>  sooo... unfortunately, although at first glance it looks great, and
> absolutely fascinating, in reality it's no more than a standard
> embedded processor, where they happen to have cut the number of pins
> right back and put some software pre-loaded in it.
> awww :)
> l.
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José Luis Laica C.
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