[Arm-netbook] Mele doing updates of the A1000 with A20 (Dual-Core) and A31 (Quad-Core)

luke.leighton luke.leighton at gmail.com
Thu Apr 11 18:30:03 BST 2013

well, a nice surprise: someone from mele contacted me, because they
were surprised i think by the large interest shown in the A1000, so
they'd like to build on that and so would like to offer engineering
types the opportunity to buy the A20-based and A31-based versions of
the same product.

as with all these things the spec needs lots of clarification :)  the
A31 version definitely has SATA in the spec, i've a query outstanding
about the A20 version.  yes to the RJ45 on both.  yes to built-in
802.11n WIFI on both.  yes to SD/MMC Card reader on both.  the A31
version has 2gb RAM and 8gb NAND, 3 USB2s and 1 USB-OTG, as well as an
SATA Dock.  the A20 version is listed as 1GB RAM, 4GB NAND and 1 USB2
- no mention of SATA yet.

i'll try and push them on the SATA for the A20 version.



please spread the word: who would be interested to buy early versions
of these as developer systems?


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