[Arm-netbook] [ANN] sunxi-tools v1 - fex2bin and bin2fex

Alejandro Mery amery at geeks.cl
Mon May 7 11:51:08 BST 2012

Hi, the first tag of sunxi-tools (v1) has been made including quick
and *very* dirty versions of `fex2bin` and `bin2fex` and both seem to
work fine.


currently both have the same poor interface: first argument the input,
second argument the output, and stdin and stdout are used if no file
is provided.

both tools need (and will) be improved in code, style and options but
in the mean time... they do the job. also other tools will be added to
the package in the near future.

hopefully they help someone else beside myself.

best regards,
Alejandro Mery

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