[Arm-netbook] RedSleeve - New ARM Linux Distro

Gordan Bobic gordan at bobich.net
Mon Mar 26 09:38:12 BST 2012

Henrik Nordström wrote:
> mån 2012-03-26 klockan 08:17 +0800 skrev Barry Kauler:
>> For me personally, I am setting the minimum at ARMv7, as even the
>> cheapest smartphones these days have that
> Same here.
> And R-Pi do not...

Have you actually looked at what the realistic performance advantage is 
on something like a Tegra2 between running armv5tel and armv7hl for a 
typical desktop workload? It's not all that much. Not to mention that 
the GPU drivers and proprietary DSP libraries for most ARMs (the closed 
ones since there are no open ones) are only available for the soft-float 


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