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hi guys! I am already ready for start this proyect, already have interested customers , experience and logystics. If we take too long time whit this maybe at the end i will have to work whit the chinese solution companies because some customers are already asking. My main problems are the solution companies take a really big profit and second i know how they work here and what i see in this group there are a lot of very smart people thatn also work whit better quality standars. I am also a bussines man, i can try to hire some people here in china for just assembly and make this fast but i dont think i can get the same kind of polishness. we need to start to talk about BOM, kind of cooperation, i can put the money for case moldering, case design, the whole logistics in shenzhen, help and control the buying of the material but what i want is access to the real bom , prices and etc. You can keep your project of sell only the eoma68 board and make the profits you think are ok, but in my case i will sell the final product and take just a small margin, i wont get involved in sell the cards (that is your bussines :) ), even is a bussines my main motivation is help spread computers to the third world. I think we can cooperate like partners, we help whit some things and you help whit other things and together we will make this growth, but each one drive their bussines in their way. so... what do i need to start to do?  also  other people asking about the audio i forgot to mention we should put audio out and mic input, this sholud be like a minicomputer. thanks for your attention 		 	   		  
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