[Arm-netbook] proyect easy pc

lkcl luke luke.leighton at gmail.com
Sat Mar 24 01:22:38 GMT 2012

2012/3/23 Henrik Nordström <henrik at henriknordstrom.net>:
> fre 2012-03-23 klockan 20:19 +0000 skrev lkcl luke:
>>  ok, so the specification for the I/O board is going to be:
>>  * 4-port usb hub
>>  * usb jumper to a wifi module
>>  * 24-pin RGB/TTL to VGA converter
> * Chained to a VGA to Composite converter? (signal only, not scaling)

 naah, i was thinking something more like this:

> * something for Audio out. i.e. USB audio chip, or the microcontroller
> solution we are discussing.

 i was thinking just leaving the headphone/mic socket on the A10 CPU
card as the audio option, buuut... *sigh* that's at the other end.  if
you're going to fit a $1.50 USB audio IC you might as well fit a $1.50
STM32F instead, and do a bit more with it.

> * an i2c eeprom identifying the I/O board (EOMA requirement)

 oh yes, forgot about that :)

> * connectors: 1 VGA, 3 RCA for composite + stereo audio. 2 (or 3) USB,
> power.

> * internal connector for EOMA board


> * suitable case fitting the I/O board and EOMA module


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