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Thu Mar 22 14:09:37 GMT 2012

On Thu, Mar 22, 2012 at 5:01 AM, hugo meneses <hugalactico at hotmail.com> wrote:
> hi guys
> i am now pursuing a similar proyect, we want to build a cheap arm computer for the southamerican market, we think is an easy way for expand knowledge and that is why we want to sellit as cheap as posible.


> we already test diferent chinese cpu, wm7810, uvchip , rk2918 and amlogic but at the end we think the best choice is the A10 cpu.

 yes, i've looked at some of those too.  A10's price and performance
is unbeatable.

> We expect to produce a board similar to the rasberry pi but of course cheaper, also must have 2 usb ports, wifi and vga out, i already have the money and customers for start 5000 pieces but we still checking because from my experience oduce electronics in the small chinese factories can be troublesome.

 ok, WIFI you run into R.F. issues (and increase the cost of the board
for other projects).  VGA out: we weren't going to put that out of an
expansion header but bari says that it would be reasonable to put any
unused pins out on pads.

 also, of course, it's perfectly reasonable to create an I/O Board

> In your proyect you aim to produce an eoma card but for our proyect is not convenient this form factor,

 it's 55mm x 85mm - that's... tiny! :)

> what we want is produce the board and case or for some customets sell only the board, if your proyect was about make a real pc board i think i can join and even put the money for the first thousand pieces for stock.

 yes we intend to make "real pc boards" :)  they just will be done as
I/O boards into which the CPU card(s) will plug.  here is an example
which could be cut-down to size:


> Do you think is there anyway we can merge or collaborate between these proyects?

 sure.  let me know what you think of the idea of doing a real I/O
board with WIFI and VGA out on it (or the idea of doing a real I/O
board with WIFI and then use the expansion headers).

> Anyways i live in shenzhen 5 years ago and whatever you need my help just ask, when we produce our boards we will be happy sell some to you for play :)


> thanks and best regards
> hugo
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