[Arm-netbook] EOMA68 FPGA Card

Dr. David Alan Gilbert dave at treblig.org
Sat Mar 17 12:37:42 GMT 2012

* Bari Ari (bari at onelabs.com) wrote:
> Who would be interested in card like this?
>   http://rhombus-tech.net/community_ideas/fpga_card/
> An EOMA-68 card which contains an FPGA rather than a CPU.
> Or would you rather have an A10 card with an FPGA on the same card + 
> extra RAM?

I was the one who added the fpga_card idea; a CPU+FPGA is nicer,
The FPGA is never going to be as fast as a separate CPU;
so if you have the two you can do things like use the CPU to program
the FPGA and do some data capture.

Having said that, there are two downsides to using the CPU+FPGA:
   1) Probably harder to meet the power consumption limits; so it
might just be preferable to put the largest FPGA on.
   2) Same for cost
   3) Which things do you route to the EOMA connector - the stuff
from the FPGA or the stuff from the CPU?

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