[Arm-netbook] gsoc2012 ideas

lkcl luke luke.leighton at gmail.com
Fri Mar 9 21:59:03 GMT 2012

ok, application's in.  does anyone have any other great ideas?

at the end of this:

it's the usual ikiwiki form thing.

i thought... perhaps... the device-tree kernel thing?  we need to have
some linux kernel infrastructure that reflects the interfaces (SATA,
USB, I2C) and it would be good to have some sort of structure in
place, with a subdirectory hierarchy with the name "eoma68" in it,
somewhere.  also there will need to be a device-tree file for the LCD
and another bunch for the 16 GPIOs. _and_ somewhere is needed some
infrastructure for dynamic recognition of LCD screens, it's a bit of a
mess at the moment (no EDID support basically)

also what about OS support?  Puppy Linux, could you use some assistance at all?

anyone else got any bright bunny-eyed brainwaves?


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