[Arm-netbook] USB console idea

Henrik Nordström henrik at henriknordstrom.net
Wed Mar 7 01:25:26 GMT 2012

tis 2012-03-06 klockan 13:26 +0800 skrev Tom Cubie:
> Yeah, good idea. I remember the openmoko phone u-boot uses the usb
> as console.

Yes, the U-Boot serial console support seems pretty widespread.

> I don't have much USB knowledge, the u-boot lichee-dev souce contains
> the code that let the A10 USB work under the android fastboot
> protocol.

Ok. So then it should be pretty trivial to add a serial console profile
as well.

> I think if someone is familiar with the usb protocol it's easy to get
> the usb console working.

Not very familiar with USB but not scared. I'll give it a shot.

While we talk about USB protocols, is there any information on how BROM
Fel works at the USB level? Given the size of BROM it can't be a complex
protocol. If not we will reverse it. It smells like it's a kind of
serial channel over USB running an xmodem download into SRAM.


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