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arokux, hi, thanks for the encouragement and the suggestions.  please
do consider subscribing and also join #arm-netbook on
irc.freenode.net.  i've updated the orders page.

yes, this is effectively a "meta-" project so we're not tied to one
particular processor: we're reaching out to all and any SoC vendors
who happen to have a decent price/performance ratio for SoCs that have
ethernet, SATA, HDMI etc.

it's a pity that the (credit-card-sized) raspberry pi is not
conformant to the (credit-card-sized) EOMA-68 initiative.  the
raspberry pi developers also tried some bullying tactics on their
forums when people began talking about the rhombus tech idea.

also, several free software people have noted that the chosen CPU is
actually powered by its proprietary GPU, and that broadcom haven't
released the source code for the GPU.  including for the boot
sequence.  so the entire project which is supposed to be "educational"
is entirely at the mercy of broadcom's proprietary licensing and

unfortunately they appear to be successfully pulling the wool over
everyone's eyes.

anyway - by defining a standard we don't actually care what SoC is in
the product(s).  and the products actually get massively simplified,
down to a 4-layer or with care even a 2-layer board.  even i could
knock up an I/O board for a product, using KiCAD :)

ok, rrright.  so.  would you like to write the "get involved" page? :)

let me just create a stub...

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Subject: Excited about the project and more
Hi all,

thanks to the comments under news about Raspberry Pi I have learned
about this project. And I have got very excited about it. I really
liked the fact, that this hardware (do not know how to reference it by
name) will be completely open, which R-Pi is not. I've carefully read
most Wiki web pages, which was not that easy. I am more a software

I think the project will be much better off if there will be a page
"Get Involved". It should describe what kind of tasks could be done
and what qualification is needed for them. I think, the lower the
barrier to start working on the project the more people will help. For
example I would like to help and I am a software developer but what
could I do?

Next thing is the preorder page:
http://rhombus-tech.net/allwinner_a10/orders/ Currently 354 people
have registered already. It is much more than 30, so how much will the
device cost now? I think it is important to keep this information up
to date, as the lower price the more people will register.


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