[Arm-netbook] Mele box group on counting

Oliver Kiddle okiddle at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Mar 1 12:55:41 GMT 2012

--- On Thu, 1/3/12, Alejandro Mery <amery at geeks.cl> wrote:

> FYI: the rest can get it now at
> http://www.dealextreme.com/p/mele-1080p-android-2-3-internet-tv-set-top-box-w-wifi-optical-3-x-usb-hdmi-av-lan-sd-119913

Nice, so it comes with a remote and you can stuff a 2.5" hard disc in the top. I had been thinking of getting a Raspberry Pi for XBMC use but this could be better.

I've been following the discussion here but I'm no hardware expert. To get Debian on it would I need to solder onto the internal UART? Is there any sort of open source support for the hardware video decoding - if that's related to the GPU then I can't find any mention on limadriver.org? Does the A10 support hard float and Debian armhf? Does the Mele box just boot from the SD card such that there's no danger of bricking it?

What is the processor clock speed? Deal extreme states ARM CortexA8 1GHz but if it is A10 based then from the rhombus-tech wiki, it would be 1.5GHz.

I don't suppose anyone has any experience with using USB DVB-S2 tuners on ARM or Linux in general?



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