[Arm-netbook] Mele a1000 Internals Question?

Henrik Nordström henrik at henriknordstrom.net
Thu Mar 1 04:00:14 GMT 2012

tor 2012-03-01 klockan 10:25 +0800 skrev matt:
> Hi, Ken:
> The board add 4 port usb hub chip "GL850G".
> So the board has more than 3 usb ports.

I noticed the same. So there should be

1 device/OTG port

4 ports via GL850G.

1 remaining A10 USB port somewhere. 

There is 6 USB ports in the PCB markings.

2 in the back. PCB No marking. At least one is via the hub.
1 on the side. (USB3)
1 on 6 pin header at the side (USB4), also available as 4-pin unmounted
header (17USB4)
1 unmounted next to USB3 (17USB1)
1 in 5 pin header (DEVICE; 17USB6)

In addition to this there is one USB port used for the wireless module
(RTL8188CUS, lower left side in picures). This seem to go via the hub
based on the visible pcb traces. A guess is that this is the same port
as the unmounted one labelled 17USB1 as it would not make sense to
populate two connections to the same USB port. If not that then it's an
alternative route when not having the hub.


For the CVBSin, MIC etc there seems to be passive components needed in
addition to connectors. Capacitors & resistors.

The unpopulated 11 pin header on the right might be SD CARD(0?) arranged
in miniSD layout. But would expect to find some card-detect pins around
there as well.


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