[Arm-netbook] Starting to reverse engineer the A10 libvecore.a cedarx libary - an open libcedarxalloc.a

Iain Bullard iain.bullard at gmail.com
Tue Jun 19 20:39:04 BST 2012

Hi All,

I've been slowly working at reverse engineering the libvecore.a cedarx
library based on the resources we have available.

As a start I've created a working (although really not finished) memory
allocator (libcedarxalloc.a) which is used by libvecore.a to allocate and
manage memory reserved for use for the cedarx a10 decoder chip.

I've built and tested this against the code available here:
https://github.com/amery/allwinner-a10-video. My code is available here

I'm fairly certain the original code from amery's repo is broken in some
way. Even unmodified code causes random kernel panics, probably caused by
some kind of memory corruption. The libvecore.a library manages low level
access to memory and the video decoder core so its possible there could be
problems there - though that's just a guess, at least its very easy to

If anyone can provide me with more better resources such as a working
libvecore.a (unstripped for development and testing would be nice!) or more
documentation then I would be very happy (it doesn't hurt to ask right?).


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