[Arm-netbook] Release of SoM board KiCAD files with 2x100 pin ARM as a stepping stone

jm joem at martindale-electric.co.uk
Mon Dec 10 14:48:57 GMT 2012


I'm releasing SoM board KiCAD files with 2x100 pin ARM as a stepping
stone for eventually building the A10 on to SO-DIMM module.

KiCAD is free software 

Whereas previously every engineer designed with their own PCB package,
KiCAD is free allows every engineer to learn and use KiCAD to
communicate with each other through shared PCB design files.

This particular board has been manufactured and tested to work.
The PCB geometry is accurate for production use.
(But as these early days so there are bound to be undesirable

The next target is an A10 SoM board.
You can send me updates to get a board for A10 built
if you feel generous and want to share KiCAD design files.
The AllWinner A20 and A13 also look interesting.
Or any other CPU.
The idea is to share and share much as possible to
get embedded PCBs from idea to production as soon as possible
through sharing PCB design files. We can all learn 
KiCAD and make this possible. Design files are all GPL'd.
[Please don't submit anything proprietary! - thanks! :-) ]

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