[Arm-netbook] FSF-Endorseable Processor

Dr. David Alan Gilbert dave at treblig.org
Mon Dec 3 23:45:25 GMT 2012

* luke.leighton (luke.leighton at gmail.com) wrote:
> ok - to bring things more towards the direction that this long-term
> project is going, i've been talking to processor companies, and found
> the best one yet.  i'm putting together an article which introduces
> the plan, and i'd greatly appreciate peoples'  input before going
> ahead.
> http://lkcl.net/articles/fsf_endorseable_processor.html

I was going to say that the date seems ludicrously aggressive, but then
I ntocied the scroll bar and kept reading.

So it would seem to come down to how much work is actually needed;
ok so you need the process shrink etc - that, assuming it's mostly
synthesized should be the relatively easy bit.

But what else is needed?
   * Do they have working USB-3/SATA-2 modules that meet the requirements?
   * What about the GPU - is there a working GPU ?

If they need to develop anything new then the timescale will be much

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