[Arm-netbook] Minimal console distro (~6 Mb) available.

Marco Caminati spam.caminati at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 12 15:20:11 BST 2012

A 2.5 Mb rootfs based on bterm and static busybox (both stolen from Debian armhf) is available.
Bterm from Ben's Own Graphics Library (BOGL, a nice piece of software) is the key to work around the fbcon problem.
You need a kernel with lcd, hdmi and disp builtin, not as modules.
I'm using a uImage cross compiled on armel debian from 23e5456 amery git version.
I posted both the uImage and the rootfs:


As usual, put uImage in the first mmc partition, and untar the rootfs in the second (empty) one.
Further directions on rhombus-tech's wiki (ainol page).
On my tablet with a standard pc usb keyboard, I don't need any other piece of software or hardware to have an OS going.
Of course you can add any kernel module you like in /lib/modules. 
I personally use 8192cu to have wireless, so in the rootfs I added wireless-tools for convenience, though they are not strictly needed.
This is a step towards porting the wonderful tinycore linux on allwinner A10, as discussed here:


Btw, if you are interested, take part to the poll there (forum registration needed).
Finally: this is an utter WIP, expect problems running it. Console font is tiny because I compiled the first bdf file I found. 

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