[Arm-netbook] Embedded Open Modular Architecture

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton luke.leighton at gmail.com
Mon Sep 5 22:49:52 BST 2011

ok, i've written up the important bit - the specification for re-use
of the PCMCIA standard pinouts:

i need to get this done before the factory finishes their current
project (due around now, or within the next few days), so yes, whilst
i've been going over this for months, now would be a really good time
to pick up on any really glaring errors :)

for example i originally thought of doing 2x 5.0v and 4x 3.3v pins,
but then i realised that, actually, that's a hell of a lot of power!
it's 5 watt plus 6.6 watts, and there's no way that you can dissipate
that much heat!  so, 3.3v LDO ICs being damn cheap, i figured it's ok
to expect 5.0v @ 1amp and to do conversions to all power levels
required, on the PCMCIA card itself (PCMCIA pins are 0.5A each).

also important to get done is the mini "engineering" board, which i
propose has the STM32F on-board, unless someone can think of a better
and/or cheaper EC!

then that gives some breathing space as well as a good opportunity to
step into the arduino market, _and_ a programming platform to get
ready for doing a laptop (and a desktop PC).


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