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Gordan Bobic gordan at bobich.net
Mon Apr 4 16:17:35 BST 2011

Michelle Konzack wrote:
> Am 2011-04-04 12:29:14, hacktest Du folgendes herunter:
>>  yes - the maximum allowed by the iMX515.  reason for using the
>> iMX515: it's only $15 in reasonable volumes.  ironic that the screen
>> is double that cost, isn't it? :)  *sigh*, *argh*, yet another
>> 1024x600 system!  at least this one is 10.1in so it's possible - maybe
>> - to fit a better screen.
> OK it is only 15US$ (I have payed 27 Euro/pcs for samples) and 1800 Euro
> for a Development Kit but I do not like to Performance if the iMX515.

I don't think iMX515 is too bad as far as Cortex A8 goes. If that's not 
enough you will quite rapidly find yourself in the A9 territory with the 
associated price increases.

> Question: I continue my search for 8" Touchscreen TFTs with 1024x768/16M
>           Do you have some news ?
>           Peoples told me I should go with  Sony  or  Samsung  displays,
>           but they are very hard to get.

You could always split off the touchscreen and get a USB one separately 
from the LCD. There are very few < 10in panels that do more than 
800x480. If you can ever find any, they'll be _expensive_.

> Note: I do not like the current TabletPCs  because the displays  do  not
>       realy fill the size of it and my target is a TabletPC in the  size
>       of A5 (210x150mm) with a thickness of arround 20-25mm.

StorageOptions' 7in Scroll is very thin - about half the thickness of a 
7in Flytouch. The 7in X5A has a much narrower bezel around the screen 
than the other two, but it is thicker (but you do get a full sized USB 
port, though). Of course, none of the these have a Cortex A in them 
(they are all in the < £100 range), so they will also be slower than an 

I guess it depends on what exacly your requirements are.


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