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Michelle Konzack linux4michelle at tamay-dogan.net
Thu May 20 00:52:30 BST 2010

Hello Philip,

I am working on a TabletPC using a Texas Instruments Sitara AM3517 and a
8" TFT TouchScreen Display (800x600, 16M) and currently I have  problems
to get the FlatLink3D runing with the X-Server.

Note:   Normaly you connect a TFT Display over 3x8 lines (RGB) and  some
        controll lines to the Microcontroller, which eat a bunch (29) of
        I/O pins, so TI has included the Flatlink3D LVDS controller  but
        I am not able to activate it in Linux, because it  must  set  it
        directly in the Kernel before it output any stuff to the console

        Unfortunately not even TI has respond to this problem.

Am 2010-05-19 19:29:52, hacktest Du folgendes herunter:
> Yeah, I tweaked the keyboard button in the status bar of Enrico Zini's
> Zavai so that it would run xvkbd pretty much full-screen floating and
> stuck to the top (using xmonad as the window manager to make that so)
> and then made it semi-transparent (hmm, I forget what I did that with).

Interesting, but xvkbd does not work with arabic...

> Anyway, I was mostly wanting to have a proof of concept for a
> translucent full-screen landscape keyboard, on the basis that that gives
> the biggest target to hit with your fingers.

What I like on the iPhone is the big Keybard...  and the  same  on  some
TabletPC I have seen.  If you take the TabletPC upend like a  book,  the
VirtualKeyboard will fill the lower third of the screen on a 8" TFT.

> Given the cobbled-together nature of what I did, it worked surprisingly
> well -- the use of a keyboard friendly window manager meant that one
> could do quite a lot without needing to hide the keyboard to get mouse
> control back, so for my use it was pretty good.

Do you mean, the WindowManager has swallowed the keyboard into itself?
I can do this in Fvwm too...  I will try it...

> Normal people would really hate it though -- Menu? What menu?


> If anyone cares about the details of what I did, I'm sure I can work it
> out for you, so feel free to ask (but it was just a proof of concept,
> there were some fairly rough edges on it, and it wasn't difficult to
> get it to pretty-much lock up by confusing the keyboard focus)

I am realy interested in this project...

> Cheers, Phil.

Thanks, Greetings and nice Day/Evening
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