[Arm-netbook] First stab at a custom kernel

Frans Pop elendil at planet.nl
Sun Mar 7 19:17:02 GMT 2010

On Wednesday 03 March 2010, Frans Pop wrote:
> I've uploaded a custom 2.6.33 kernel that I think should support the
> netbook. It is based on the arch/arm/configs/s3c2410_defconfig, with
> some modifications.

Yesterday I found that my config was totally wrong :-/

It was based on SMDC2410, while our system is SMDC6410. The cause is 
probably that there are loads of other references to 2410 in the dmesg as 
they share a number of drivers.

I've compiled a kernel for 6410 and that did get further: the u-boot splash 
screen was replaced with a grey overlay which slowly faded away. But the 
system hung again and I did not manage to get anything on eth0.

I've also found that we're going to need quite a few patches for 2.6.33:
- driver for "midfun keys" (probably the Fn keys)
- s3c2410 RTC driver needs updating and activation for 6410
- the S3C hardware sensor should support both 24XX and 64XX, but is only
  selectable with 24XX

The sensible thing seems to be to wait a week or so to see if Adam can get 
the config and source for the .24.2 kernel. If we get that I'll try 
forward porting the changes to current kernels (though I'll likely need 
help at some points).


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