[Arm-netbook] Mailing list - (Was: CT-PC89E's file listing)

Frans Pop elendil at planet.nl
Wed Feb 17 17:37:41 GMT 2010

On Wednesday 17 February 2010, Alejandro Mery wrote:
> On 17/02/10 17:37, Frans Pop wrote:
> > On Wednesday 17 February 2010, Alejandro Mery wrote:
> >> can we please switch to googlegroups?
> >
> > Only as long as no subscription (other than basic mailing list
> > subscription) is required as far as I'm concerned. I do use google as
> > a search engine, but I refuse to use any of their services that
> > requires subscription.
> if you mean you don't want to need to use a "gmail" account, it's
> safe. any mail account works after been "validated" and the
> corresponding "google account" created.

I meant that I don't want a "google account", which AFAICT from your 
example would be required. I'm willing to subscribe to an individual list, 
but not to have a google account.

> > I was thinking of teams.debian.net as an alternative (although I
> > dislike the lurker list archives), but that seems to be down. Not sure
> > if it's been taken over by teams.debian.org.
> fine with me, but is this a really a debian project?

The teams.d.net lists were set up as a semi-official service for Debian 
related mailing lists that don't warrant a mailing list on lists.d.org. It 
is (was?) run by DDs at a location that also hosts other Debian services.

I've sent a mail to d-project to enquire about its status.

Another alternative would be to request an alioth project (which does allow 
separate subscription to projects and their mailing lists).


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