[Arm-netbook] Current not intel Laptop/UMPC/Handheld Options

Alexander Ross maillist_arm-netbook at aross.me
Thu Jul 23 12:54:33 BST 2020

Been wondering if theres any new products from the last say 2years? As
i’ve not kept up with whats new else where.

I know pyra is progressing and dare i say, nearly ready.

For a laptop/umpc the more ram the better but a netbook size keyboard
thats easy for large adult hands to type on. when i was a teenager i
think keyboards like GPD pocket 1 where not so hard to type on but the
pocket came at a time when i was at the end of teenage years and had
grow more/fully and now i find it it bit awkward to type on, unlike my
10inch asus netboot.

Any fav chrome books to librate?

new handheld computers?, including intel cpus out of curiosity. like
pyra, smaller or a bit bigger.

or heck large laptops but not intel or amd? I do know of power cpu
laptop projects.


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