[Arm-netbook] Noticed you said RK3288 immune to spectre,

zap calmstorm at posteo.de
Tue Feb 5 03:55:44 GMT 2019

You think the A20 has to be scrapped in favor of the RK3288?

Surprised that RK3288 is immune to spectre given that its based on the 
Arm cortex processor A17 which I thought was vulnerable to meltdown/spectre.

I even see this:


My apologies for not paying much attention till now, but I have been 
feeling less hope towards this for a bit.

I am hopeful though again that you will succeed.

Many thanks though for exploring other options even if they aren't in 
your immediate direction.

but yeah, still looking around for the time being, never know what to 
expect regarding RISC-V as well as EOMA68 the standard.

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