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Thu Jun 21 16:35:31 BST 2018

thanks for this - it's really appreciated, i'm going to cc the mailing
list, bcc'ing you, and taking out your email address.

there is something which i've not put on the page (however it has been
discussed many times over the years on the mailing list).  right now
the last thing that's needed is for a huge number of non-technical
individuals to come online at once and overwhelm the *volunteer*
technical members of the mailing list.

you may not be aware of this but the total number of people working
full-time paid-up to work on this project is presently ZERO.

as in: the total number of people with full-time funding to work on
this project is: ZERO.

as this was an anticipated possibility as far back as 3+ years ago the
page was *deliberately* designed to attract TECHNICALLY aware
individuals and to DISCOURAGE non-technically-aware users: people who
are self-starters, "tinkerers" and electronics experts.

from that base of people, when they receive their pledged items, a
small community will grow at a pace that they can cope with, who will
then be able to create the documentation, wiki pages, update the
source code and so on.

by *that* time, *THEN* and ***ONLY*** then will the project be in a
state where it can accommodate non-technical end-users.  at that point
people who can do "sales", companies that can take "orders" will be
needed (because i cannot do that, due to being the Certification Mark

at *that* point, the advice that you've given below will become relevant.

hope that helps clarify.


On Thu, Jun 21, 2018 at 4:04 PM, Crowd Supply <orders at crowdsupply.com> wrote:
> submitted a question about your project, "Earth-friendly
> EOMA68 Computing Devices":
> The project page (crowdsupply.com/eoma68/micro-desktop) can be difficult to
> read through & understand because of the heavy use of acronyms without
> accompanying long-names/full-names and ELI5 definitions.  I have a general
> background in development & admin and I had to look up the long name and
> definition for a number of the acronyms used.  This approach, while more
> concise, is going to be very off-putting to many people who are more used to
> buying pre-built computers than building their own.  I love the idea of this
> project and want to see it succeed, but the harder the content is to read for
> non-hardware geeks, the harder it will be to convince non-hardware geeks to
> spend their money on it.
> Please consider reserving some of those terms for tech specs, white papers,
> etc., and replace them with descriptions &/or more generic terms that your
> neighbors, friends, or relatives who ask you to help them fix their computers
> or connect their new printers, etc., will understand.  Better yet, ask some of
> those people to read through your copy and give feedback on comprehension and
> overall impression by non-computer geeks.  If you don't want to reach that
> audience, then please pick the lowest technical knowledge customer group you do
> want to reach and get their feedback.  Maybe it's the type of person who has
> never worked in IT, but can attach plug & play devices, set up Wi-Fi on their
> own, etc.
> Again, I really do want to see projects like this succeed.  Best of luck and
> I've already bookmarked this for future reference.
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