[Arm-netbook] EOMA68-A20 Prototype Status

Paul Boddie paul at boddie.org.uk
Sun Jun 3 17:38:47 BST 2018


I don't want to intrude with questions whose answers are already known, but 
back in January there were estimates of "five to seven months" with regard to 
"shipping", by which I presume that the final hardware was meant:


However, there was also the matter of prototypes being made. This was covered 
in the February update:

"We might get lucky and have the PCBs back, if so I will post photographs."


The March update suggests that the prototypes were still waiting for RAM:

"Mike is following up on pricing for Samsung DDR3 RAM, which appears to be 
available. I want one other guaranteed supply of a completely different RAM IC 
and I will tell him to go ahead with the 10 samples… but not until we have an 
absolute guarantee of availability. Then once the samples are done we have a 
clear and extremely simple and straightforward production schedule to follow."


The April update made a mention of another source of RAM, but nothing new 
about the prototype schedule:


Are there any further updates on this situation? I imagine that the production 
schedule is more or less "when it is ready", as I have always understood it, 
but I did wonder whether there had been further progress with the prototypes.


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