[Arm-netbook] molex 12v 5v 2a power supply together with 3 way usb otg host charger cable

Christopher Havel laserhawk64 at gmail.com
Tue May 30 20:22:23 BST 2017

Regardless of rating, I wouldn't recommend it. Those are about $5-10 on
eBay and they're worth a tenth the price. The last two I bought blew up in
a year, and since China never puts much money into them, they don't die
alone... whatever they're plugged into when the capacitors happen to burst
is almost inevitably, irrecoverably toast as well...

If you're going to use anything with a molex connector on it, get a small
ATX12V or SFX12V (standard PC) power supply and use that. You need to find
the green wire on the ATX connector (the largest PC-side connector, it'll
be 20 or 24 pins depending on the age of the supply) and short that to one
of the neighboring black wires. I usually use a paperclip -- it's a
logic-level wire pair, that, so anything large enough to make the jump is
almost overkill in terms of required AWG size. You could literally use
phone-cable wire for that one connection, if you could get it to reliably

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