[Arm-netbook] Building your own keyboard

Christian Kellermann ckeen at pestilenz.org
Fri May 26 21:19:47 BST 2017

* Christopher Havel <laserhawk64 at gmail.com> [170526 22:17]:
> The '328 ones are Pro Minis, although eBay does tend to make a mess of the
> labeling... both Pro Mini and Pro Micro designs are originally SparkFun
> Electronics in-house designs. Great company, but I wish they hadn't done
> those. I like the Arduino Nano (328) and original Micro (32u4) far better
> than the Pro versions. You may have noticed! ;)
> As an aside, the Micro and Pro Micro are really just shrink-ray'd Leonardo
> boards. Whoo.

Thanks for that clarification!

Let's resume the usual 3D printing / laptop / EOMA discussion :)

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