[Arm-netbook] modifying a 7 inch notebook cabinet to accept a pc card

Christopher Havel laserhawk64 at gmail.com
Fri May 26 02:20:05 BST 2017

I'd say a keyboard that's that awful inside isn't worth the effort to
reverse-engineer... the Adesso one (also sold as a SolidTek) had separate
connectors for rows and columns, as typically do the super cheap (and
sometimes, but not always, awful) eBay ones such as I'm using in the AnyTop.

For the record, the AnyTop has the same specs as the cheapest laptop at my
local Wal*Mart... which is a $219.xx HP job that honestly looks like it
should say Tonka* on it somewhere. Cheap bright-blue and white plastic...
it's horrendous, and it really does literally look like a kid's toy the way
it's put together.

*For those not in the know... Tonka is/was a popular line of toy trucks for
little kids, along the lines of Hot Wheels / Matchbox / etc. Not remote
control or electronic at all -- just little push-around cheap plastic toys.

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