[Arm-netbook] EOMA50

Christopher Havel laserhawk64 at gmail.com
Sat May 20 22:18:09 BST 2017

My vote is for them to be SPI lines. That means more/faster RAM, right? RAM
is the most 'visible' upgrade, performance-wise, that anyone can do to a
(currently regular) computer... I realize you can't upgrade RAM within an
EOMA card, but hey -- all the more reason to streamline it :)

A pity that we can't have a "modular" (socketed/slotted) EOMA68 card... I
realize CPU sockets are kind of going the way of the dodo, but I'd still
like to be able to at least upgrade the RAM if I want to, without building
myself a reflow toaster oven or some crap like that. I wouldn't say no to
EOMA-specific RAM modules -- heck, use those awful super-tiny
fiddly-as-crap Hirose connectors if ya have to (I hate 'em with a passion,
but they do friggin' work) -- OEMs did proprietary RAM modules on laptops
for years bordering on decades, back when you had to distinguish between
"luggable" (Osborne 1, Compaq Portable), "clamshell" (GRiD Compass, modern
junk), "partial clamshell" (IBM 5140 PC Convertible), etc... I have a
Toshiba 3400CT like that (it's an early clamshell with a 486 inside). I'll
never be able to afford a 16meg module for it, as a result, but (speaking
to the whole group here) I think our Luke has *ahem* a bit more dedication
to keeping things going and available for people, than Toshiba did back
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