[Arm-netbook] list posting etiquette

Kyle kyle at free2.ml
Thu May 11 12:09:22 BST 2017

Just some thoughts ...
If the topic changes, starting a new thread is better than just changing 
the subject line, as I may not be interested in the topic that starts 
the thread, but if only the subject line changes and the thread doesn't 
change, my threaded e-mail client will usually delete messages I'm 
interested in along with the messages that didn't interest me at the 
beginning of the thread. It probably makes little difference to readers 
who don't use threaded mail clients, but those of us who do are greatly 
helped when a thread stays on topic as much as possible, and a new 
topic, even if it springs from a discussion on another thread, starts a 
new thread. That said, it can be hard to determine when a new thread 
should start when a new topic springs from a discussion on one thread, 
depending how related to the original topic the new one is, and how far 
it could stray in the future. In such cases, simply changing the subject 
line is probably sufficient.

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