[Arm-netbook] GR8 based EOMA68 card

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Thu May 11 01:16:06 BST 2017

On 05/10/2017 08:05 PM, Ismo Väänänen wrote:
> Hello,
> The recent talk about de-blobbing R8 and thus also GR8 inspired me to
> do a quick write up on how I see a Next Thing Co. GR8
> System-In-Package chip being used in an EOMA68 compatible card. 
> The latest version of the write up can be found here:
> https://sites.google.com/site/oh2ftg/eoma68/eoma68-gr8
> I named the project "EOMA68-GR8" because why not. 
> Like Vincent I'm doing this on the side and also with Altium. 
> I haven't done anything this complex in Altium before it's likely
> going to be an interesting challenge. 
> GR8 has TTL/RGB LCD interface, USB2.0, I2C, SPI(SDMMC) and so on. 
> All the interfaces to make a compute card compatible with EOMA68 are
> there.
> Except if I want the card to have "front facing" USB I'll need to
> include some USB HUB chip like TI TUSB2046, which conveniently has no
> firmware being a state machine. 
> I'll have to look at how the interrupts go, at AXP209 PMIC and it's
> routing.
> And decide on if I'll layout the NAND as the talk about blobs being
> required for NAND support sounds worrying. That and seeing in general
> if even a half reasonable layout is possible on 4-layer FR4 to get
> cheaper rates on the pcb's. At least there's no DDR RAM to route, but
> the TTL/RGB fanout and length matching is gona be chore.
> One more good reason to learn how the automated length matching in
> Altium works. 
> Sourcing connectors and housings in small quantities. All that fun stuff. 
> If anything I have missed comes to mind please mention it, I'd rather
> hear it now then when I have prototype pcb's at hand or layout nearly
> done. 

Good luck to you sir!

> Cheers,
> Ismo Väänänen de OH2FTG alias 2ftg
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