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Wed May 10 22:23:14 BST 2017

On 05/10/2017 03:13 PM, Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:
> On Wed, May 10, 2017 at 8:02 PM, zap <zapper at openmailbox.org> wrote:
>> To be honest, even atheists have a better chance of getting into heaven than
>> those false teachers.
>  *cackle* :)
I thought someone would enjoy that sad irony. but yeah if you want to
know why I say that is sad, it is this:

it is sad because they think they will be rewarded at the end. But they
already have their temporary very short term reward. Though they deserve
it, I feel a mixture of pity and anger towards them.
>> Life is a challenge but hypocrisy is unneeded.
>  it always makes me wonder, what do people get out of being
> hypocritical (on a regular and deliberate basis?  making mistakes,
> sure, i can understand, but deliberately and consistently remaining
> cognitively dissonant?  i don't get it.  *why* would someone choose
> that?  what are they "getting out of it"?  what "reward" are they
> getting from continuing to persistently and consistently be
> hypocritical?
The only thing they will get long term is to grovel in the dust for
their arrogance and boastful ways.

I used to be like that in my mind to some extent, but out of mostly
ignorance, I suffered greatly for it, but I cannot imagine what happens
to people who consistently are hypocrites.
> l.
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